Pros & Cons of Using vQmod in OpenCart

Making frequent corrections to an existing well-written code could be a daunting task for most developers. They need to edit the core code files while worrying about the precise execution of the changes done or messing up with the original code files of the website. vQmod, a powerful virtual file modification system, is designed to help developers avoid making edits in the system core files. The vQmod lets you modify the source files without having to edit them. The modifications are saved in the in a temporary file which is substituted for the original at the time of execution.

If you leverage OpenCart development services, you do not have to worry about overwriting the changes while updating OpenCart. Although using vQmod in OpenCart looks exciting but it has its own set of downsides which you need to consider before installing the script. So, here we have listed some pros and cons of using vQmod.


Pros of vQmod:

  • vQmod won’t Impact your Website Speed: You do not have to worry about the loading speed of your website. The creators of this module ensure that the overall impact to the website won’t be noticed. They have worked on websites that used more than 20 XML scripts and the sites still loaded faster.
  • Safe and Hassle-Free Upgrade: As the core files are not edited, the upgrade remains safe and hassle-free. The only thing required to do is to check if any XML script needs alterations so that it can work with the new files.
  • Troubleshooting Is Super Easy: Because of the log files, you can find the source of the problem easily.
  • Single-Click Removal: Removing the vQmod modifications is fast and simple through a single click. If you wish to remove the vQmod changes you made, simply delete the XML script, and it’s done.

Cons of vQmod:

  • Incompatibility: You have to be really careful with the changes you make. If two XML files are used for changing one same line from a core file, it will certainly cause a problem.
  • File Limitations: While using vQmod, there are certain files that cannot be edited with XML modifications. As vQmod loads in index.php, you are not allowed to make any modifications to it. Of course, you can alter index.php but without using XML scripts. 
  • Limitation in Editing: You are not allowed to edit all the CSS, JavaScript, and standalone files. As the stylesheets and JavaScripts are managed by the browser, you cannot edit them through vQmod by default. Nevertheless, you can still use inline CSS or JavaScript code if you need.

If you’re developing modules for your OpenCart store and certain things cannot be done with the default store functionality, then install vQmod to make things come into play. vQmod is fast and easy-to-use and a great system to keep the core files intact. Also, version compatibility is a big plus. The latest version of OpenCart gives you the ability to upgrade to new versions without losing the modifications or having to do them again.


Have you installed vQmod script in your OpenCart store? Share your experiences of using vQmod in the comments below.